DAY 1 CHALLENGE: What better way to anchor in what we learned on day 1 than to do a little "Challenge"! So follow the steps below for a chance to win a VIP ticket to the 2024 Mastermind World Summit.

Step 1

Decide if you want to create a course,coaching program or Mastermind (group, workshop, etc)

Step 2

Create 6 "teaching points" that could go inside your program

What are 6 things that you could teach inside your program to help your student get results?

*You can do this step on a piece of paper, but if you want help from GG, make sure to join the $1 VIP Test Drive before midnight tonight! You can still take the rest drive at MMTESTDRIVE.COM

Step 3

Give your product a name

This is also something GG can help you with. And remember, you can always make adjustments later. This is just for fun to recap what we learned today!

Step 4

Post In the facebook group & share it with the world!

This may be out of your comfort zone, but go into the Game Has Changed Facebook group and share with the group about your product. What type is it? What are some teaching points? And what is the name. *Bonus credit if you go LIVE & share with the group via video!

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